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Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the waxed area for two to six weeks. Waxing leaves the skin buttery smooth, without the stubble and breakouts that are commonly associated with shaving.

Threading: A piece of thread is taken and twisted on itself as it's glided along the brow to shape it or skin to remove hair. The hair is removed from the follicle, but it doesn't damage the skin. Get perfectly shaped eyebrows and much more with our vast range of threading services!

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Eyebrow Wax $20
Upper Lip Wax $10
Eyebrow and Upper Lip Wax $25
Nose Wax $10
Chin Wax $10
Forehead Wax $10
Neck Wax $15
Sideburn Wax $15
Ear Wax $20
Full Face Wax $50
Under Arm Wax $25
Chest & Abdomen Wax $40
Women Back Wax $40
Men Back Wax $50
Half Arm Wax $35
Full Arm Wax $50
Half Leg Wax $40
Full Leg Wax $60
Bikini Wax $35
European Bikini Wax $45
Brazilian Wax $55

Eyebrow Threading


Eyebrow Threading $15
Upper Lip Threading $8
Eyebrow and Upper Lip Threading $20
Chin Threading $8
Forehead Threading $8
Neck Threading $10
Sideburn Threading $15
Full Face Threading $45

*All the listed prices are at starting value. Prices are  subject to change without prior notice due to hair density and growth patterns.

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