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Our ultimate goal is your well-being

Do you love massage but feel that most of the time it doesn’t do anything or won’t make a difference very long after you’ve left your therapist hands?

If you have pain from old injuries, sciatic flare ups, neck, back, lower back pain or just having trouble relaxing. We can help you! We have Medical Massage certification!

We specialize in Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular work that has a longer effect than a regular massage. Deep Tissue Massage can release trigger points and scar tissue that can often be the root

cause of your pain and even poor posture. If these trigger points aren’t being properly released from muscle or connective tissue, only a very temporary release of your tension takes place and soon after you’ve left your therapist, your pain will return.

If you haven’t had Neuromuscular Therapy before, you will most likely be quite amazed of the results. Call now for a free consultation! If we believe we can help you, then we’ll set you up for your first session. We are conveniently located in Orland Park. Let our highly trained staff provide you with the luxurious treatment that your body is craving. Whether it’s a therapeutic massage, body wrap, or even a manicure, we look forward to having you visit our spa.

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