We get asked all sorts of questions about the massages as well as other services that we perform. Check here to see if the question you have has already been asked. We are focused on providing you with a tranquil environment and premium services. If you have additional questions, we are always happy to answer them.

Where will the massage or body work take place?

The massage, body wrap, or other bodywork that you have done will take place in a private room. It will be warm and comfortable, providing you with a relaxing environment. Soft music will also be playing in the background.

Who performs the massage or body work?

A licensed and professional massage therapist will be responsible for performing the massage or other bodywork. He or she has been trained in many different techniques that will be conducted during your session. All of our therapists are licensed by the state. It is important to note that no two massages are going to be exactly the same. You may, however, request a certain technique. You can also choose a specific massage therapist or state your preference as to whether you would like a male or female massage therapist during your scheduled time.

Do I have to get completely undressed?

You do not have to get completely undressed. It is based upon your level of comfort. Most of the techniques are traditionally performed while the client is unclosed, though you will be properly covered and/or draped throughout the session. Ultimately, we want you to be comfortable and you can choose to leave on as much or as little as you desire.

Will the therapist watch as I undress?

Absolutely not! Our massage therapists will provide you with information as to what to leave on and will leave the room so that you can undress in private. Once you have undressed to the level that you are comfortable with, you will slip between the sheets so that you are not exposed when the massage therapist enters. A gentle knock will be given on the door prior to entering to ensure that you are ready.

How will I be covered during the session?

During the session, you will be covered in one capacity or another to ensure that you are comfortable as well as warm. The only area exposed at any given time will be the area that is being worked on by your massage therapist. At different times, you may be asked to roll over or move your arm or leg in order to move the covers about. We also focus on sanitation, and launder all towels and sheets in between clients.

What body parts are being massaged?

The body parts that will be massaged vary upon the chosen massage. A full body massage will include the scalp, neck, shoulders, back, both arms and legs, buttocks, hands, and feet. You always have the option to discuss the areas that you want focused on and if a massage in a particular area makes you feel uncomfortable, simply ask the massage therapist to skip over that area.

Will lubricant be used?

Essential oils may be used, as you permit, to avoid excessive amounts of friction on the skin. The lubricant or oil is also designed to hydrate the skin and is quickly absorbed. We will never use anything that will leave you feeling wet or greasy at the end of your treatment.

What will the massage or body work feel like?

The massage is going to feel incredible! There will be gentle kneading and massaging of all of your muscles. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for the massage therapist to work through your muscles and any knots and tension that may be present. Pressure will start to be released and you can feel discomfort slip away. It can be a way of reaching a deep state of relaxation as long as your body is not resisting the muscle manipulation.

Are there different types of massages?

There are many different types of massages including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, hot stone, sports, and prenatal. Each one will have a different effect on the body. Discuss the options with your massage therapist prior to the start of your massage.

How long is the session?

The sessions vary in length depending upon what you book. The majority of the massages last an hour in length, though some will be for 30 minutes. You will be able to confirm the time given when you call to make your appointment and, time permitting, you may be able to extend the time on the day of the appointment.

What happens if I’m late?

We understand that things happen and you may run late for an appointment. We ask that you phone us immediately so we know that you are on your way. Depending upon other appointments, we may be able to extend your time, though it is not always possible. You will be responsible for paying the full amount for your services.

Can I change my mind about a service?

This depends. We work with all of our clients and want to make sure you get the treatment you want. If the service you want to change to is done by the same massage therapist or aesthetician, it may be possible.

What should I be doing during the massage?

Simply make yourself comfortable and enjoy the massage. Your therapist will move you gently or ask you to move or roll over in order to provide access to the next set of muscles that need to be attended to. You can close your eyes and sink into a state of relaxation or you can carry on a conversation with the therapist. You can ask any questions that you have and ask for an explanation of techniques that will be used prior to lying on the table so you can feel comfortable with how the next hour will go.

What do I do if the massage becomes uncomfortable?

A massage is supposed to be comforting, relaxing, and beneficial to your muscles. If at any time the massage begins to hurt, you need to tell your massage therapist so that he or she can make the necessary adjustments so that you are not being hurt.

Am I expected to tip?

Gratuity is always accepted, though it is not required. The customary percentage is 15%, though you choose what you feel is right and you will never be pressured by a staff member to leave gratuity.

Can I get a discount for being a return customer?

We do not offer discounts for return customers at this time. However, we do offer various specials and we recommend checking our website often to see what is going on before you book an appointment.